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Avinash and his family relocate to Bombay where his father commits suicide due to poverty. Avinash who decides to bear the responsibility of his family, is unable to find a job and becomes a criminal.
I must admit that 'Hathyar' is JP Dutta's finest film till date and a highly underrated movie of our times. From the opening scene where a kid plays with a gun till the end when he remembers his father stopping him from doing so, it's a sheer delight. Hathyar, when released in 1989, was much ahead of its time and this was a major reason of its failing at the box-office. It's also Sanjay Dutt's best performance till date and I rate it above Vastav, which was too obvious. The camera work by JP Dutta loyalist, Ishwar Bidri, was awesome, whether showing the barren lands of UP to the concrete jungle of Mumbai. The scene where Sanjay Dutts shoots a member of the opposite gang at the Bandra swamp is sheer magic. Beside Sanjay Dutt, Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Paresh Rawal gave commendable performances. If released today, Hathyar surely would have loved by the movie goers. For me it's a must watch.
I am a sanjay dutt fan like others I mean I collect movies of his and having every single movie of his means a lot to me. Even this movie HATHYAR 1989 lets say that so people wont get confused about this movie and the newer version but is a sequel to Vaastav… my fellow readers this is a different movie that is hard to find whether on tape or DVD. It took me 4 years to find out where can I purchase this movie. I went to India last year in Punjab and i finally found a vcd copy of this rare movie. I later went home and I saw this movie and this is one of the most greatest Sanjay dutt movie ever. I couldn't see the print clear but I saw what I had to see. the songs were great and everything. there is tons of action and as well as some comedy to keep yourself entertain. I would recommend to any Sanjay Dutt fan to watch this movie, however good luck finding this movie it is hard to find. when I came back to the United States a lot of owners from movie shops wanted to pay me over 2000 dollars for this movie to make copies and sell them but i refused to give it away. soo check it out!

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